The Time Attendance Software to Maximise Work Efficiency

How Can Workganizer Organize Your Work Life

You can monitor how much time each project is taking and determine whether you are charging enough. Depending on the result, you may set your budget.

Why Workganizer - Track Attendance

Check when your team is arriving and leaving and how they are spending the office hours. You can arrange to capture timely Screenshots of the employees’ desktops anytime, anywhere.

With this time attendance software, you can monitor how your employees are spending time during working hours, see how the time goes, and with these insights, improve your productivity.

Why Workganizer - Get a Precise Look at Work Activities
Why Workganizer - Monitor Project Status

Simply update your project sheet along with the names of the concerned team to track the live status of the project. This will give a deeper insight into the progress of your work.

Major Highlights of the Time Tracking Application

Workganizer tracks your employees’ activities only during the office hours. It doesn’t track if someone has taken a leave or during the holidays. The time-tracker software doesn’t intrude into anyone’s personal life and you won’t have to face any conflict for violating any legal norms.

Why Workganizer - Maintain Distance to Avoid Conflicts
Why Workganizer - Stay Updated

Now, developing your business on the real-time stats is no longer a dream! Once you finish a project and change the name of a task, Workganizer automatically syncs this change. So the work-reports will always be relevant and show you the latest project status.

Simple and user-friendly interface is a major advantage of this time tracking application. Simply sign up, start monitoring, and boost your business productivity.

Why Workganizer - Hassle-Free Operation
Why Workganizer - Improve the Quality of Future Projects

Reports in Workganizer let you take an in-depth look over a project. That way you can analyze how a project is accomplished by various teams and improve the quality of future projects.

Track how your resources are used across various teams and projects. You can get a clear picture of the potentials of each employee. After all, they are your best assets and you need to channelize their potential in the right direction for business profitability. Keep an eye on which employee is failing to meet deadlines and who has a lot of free time. This knowledge will help you during future project assignments.

Why Workganizer - Resource Management
Why Workganizer - Organized Presentation

The time attendance software displays taken time alongside every task title. Since every project is divided into multiple tasks and assigned to various teams, all the employees will coordinate among themselves to ensure that the work is done within the estimated time. Naturally, this will lead to increased productivity.

They say you can not seize the fleeting moment. We say give Workganizer a try

Workganizer works as a dedicated employee for your company. Get a free demo today to check if it meets your needs.