Features of the Employee Attendance
Tracking App for Enhanced Productivity

Monitoring the performance of the employees is essential for business growth. How much do the projects’ cost? How much are the employees bringing in? How much time do they take? Workganizer allows you to find an answer for everything at a glance!

1.Time Tracking with Employee Monitoring Software

Workganizer tracks the time of your entire workforce.

Track Employee’s Work Time
Get a detailed insight in to how much time your employees are investing in their work. This will help you in learning the efficiency and performance of the employees. This insight also comes in handy during new projects assignment. Boosting your company’s productivity and efficiency needs a little assistance and this time management software delivers just that!
Track Projects and Deadline
Monitoring all the projects must be difficult! But with Workganizer installed on your device, you can stay stress-free. Simply put the details of all the projects along with their deadlines and concerned team-members. Now you can easily monitor the progress of each project and stay updated about the project status.
Edit, Add, and Delete Task and Time
Received a new project? Finished another project? Update Workganizer with the current status of the projects and stay well-informed. This also helps in organizing the works and focusing on the projects, resulting in quality output.

2.Team Management & Employee Monitoring Software

Workganizer monitors team productivity and work time with

With Workganizer, you can track the real-time work progress of the employees. Time tracking with screenshots can be set at regular intervals to check on the project’s status. No more do you have to interrupt your team’s work to learn about the project.
Monitor Employees Activity
With Workganizer, you can monitor the activity of the employees by simply using a keyboard. With website and application tracking you can develop a disciplined work-atmosphere. However, as a time tracker, Workganizer never intrudes into the employees’ personal time. It works only during the working hours and stops tracking whenever an employee stops working. So, you can rest assured that it will only help you to improve productivity without violating any legal norms.
Monitor Attendance
Eliminate the hassles of manual punching and opt for this accurate timesheet to track your employees’ location during the working hours. Check when your team members arrive and leave the workplace.

3. Project Management & Attendance System

Workganizer allows you to

Add Projects and Tasks
Tracking project and tasks status has never been easier! Simply add all the projects along with their respective costs, deadlines, clients, and concerned teams. This comes in handy when any new project comes. When new projects are added you can add tasks to each project and specify them to each employee working on that specific project.
Get a comprehensive overview of the time a project is taking and analyse whether you are charging enough. You can monitor exactly where the time is spent and thereby improve productivity.
Detailed Project Report
You can access a complete report for each project time, tasks, and the employees who work on it. It is extremely time saving and hassle-free as you can get a comprehensive overview of all the projects at a glance.These metrics will allow you to record progress and motivate the members to reach goals.

4. Get Timesheet and Reports with Time Tracking App

Workganizer automatically generate reports for

Timeline for Each Employee
Learn where your employees spent time during a particular date or over a month. This will allow you to keep a track of the projects and deliver quality work to the clients within the turnaround time.
Categorize Each Project under Multiple Tasks
Every project has multiple work scope and distinct teams work on the individual part of a project. Whether it is in-house monitoring or freelance time tracking, Workganizer allows you to keep a tab on various activities running on each project.
Assign Tasks to Specific Members
A deeper understanding of how long a task takes to complete and visualizing each employee’s workload will come in handy while assigning new projects.

5. Dashboards and User Management

Workganizer is a multi-user friendly tool.

Member Profile
Each employee and manager has his own account and profile on the app, and it is only accessible by the user himself, and is given appropriate privileges over the projects, reports and everything else. Therefore, on the one hand you can track your employees’ performance and on the other hand, they can conduct self-assessment and improve accordingly. A sense of healthy competition and self-evaluation are the keys to strengthen a business.
Other than tracking individual attendance, you can also get a quick overview of the attendance sheet in the long run. This attendance system provides an authentic overview of your entire workforce.

They say you can not seize the fleeting moment. We say give Workganizer a try

Workganizer works as a dedicated employee for your company. Get a free demo today to check if it meets your needs.