Frequently Asked Questions

How does Workganizer track time?

Workganizer is an easy to use program that can be installed on your employees desktops or mobile phones to track time, take screenshots and view reports.

Employees can select a specific task and Workganizer will then track time and activity to that specific project.


Is the data stored in a secure environment?

All communication to the server is secured by SSL encryption. The files on the server are encrypted to provide an extra level of security for company data.

How do i add my company and invite my employees to use Workganizer?

You can sign up your company by following this link Sign up, then you can invite your employees to use Workganizer by Email.


Can I delete screenshots?

Yes, any owner or manager of an organization can delete work screenshots for any reason they choose. Users can delete activity (screenshot + time) but not individual screens.

Can Workganizer track time when offline?

Yes, Workganizer can track time when offline and the data will be uploaded once back online.

Where will my screenshots be stored?

All screenshots are stored in a secure database and the employees can access their screenshots by logging into their dashboard.

Does Workganizer track time on mobile?

We have an Android app. Most of the benefits of the software come from using the desktop version of the app. However the mobile app is useful for people who need to track time away from their computers, or want to edit/review their task lists on their phone.


What are the plans that Workganizer offer?

Workganizer offers plenty of plans and great deals, you can check out our offers by viewing our packages.