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Workganizer is the ultimate time tracking application for your employees' desktops allowing them to log time, take screenshots, and read reports.

It keeps track of attendance, regularity, and productive time in minutes for a clearer picture of the whole team's logged time.

Employees may choose a project or task, and the program will monitor the time and activities associated with that project or task.

You may join up for Workganizer for your firm by clicking this link. Sign up, and then encourage your staff to utilize it.

After you've logged in, you'll see a button on the right that allows you to invite new members. Click that option to begin adding everyone in your firm to their appropriate positions.

After that, pick the 'Invite' button after filling out the necessary forms. It will send invites to all of your employees by email.

The employee must accept the administrator's invitation to his email address.Because time tracking isn't possible without the Workganizer app, he'll need to download it to his desktop to sign in and get started.

He can begin by selecting projects and tasks and pressing the "start working" button.

Yes, even if you don't have access to the internet, Workganizer can track your time.

You may use the app while disconnected, and all of your activities and screenshots will be saved temporarily to be uploaded when you reconnect to the internet.

The user may access his reports/screenshots and follow staff performance using a mobile app (Android / iOS). On the other hand, time tracking will be done using desktop programmes.

When work begins, you must first download the Workganizer App on the desktop platform, Windows & MacOS, across team devices to see reports and screenshots on the mobile app.

You may track the real-time work progress of your staff using Workganizer to keep track of project progress and set up time tracking with screenshots at regular intervals.

Workganizer, on the other hand, allows users to remove any screenshot. However, it is up to the owner/admin/manager to provide authority to their staff to remove or not.

Keep in mind that deleting screenshots will shorten the recording duration.

All data will be uploaded to our secure cloud servers if a connection is available.

All data transmitted from the client app to our cloud servers is encrypted in an SSL transmission.

Workganizer features a lot of alternatives and offers excellent deals. It's ideal for freelancers, remote teams, agencies, etc.. since it is free forever with good features, screenshot storage, keyboard & mouse activity and support.

Visit our Pricing page to see what more we have to offer.

Depending on whatever package you select, you can view your screenshot history.

The screenshot history is only available for one month in the free package. If you are a Standard, Pro/Enterprise user, then you have 12 months to utilize it.

Downgrading from Pro to Standard is possible, but it is against our policy to downgrade to a free membership. 

Workganizer is a secure and safe employee monitoring software that encrypts all transmitted and stored data, ensuring complete security. It does not record keystrokes or sensitive data and only captures the number of keystrokes and mouse movements.

Furthermore, Workganizer only tracks activity when an employee manually clocks in, ensuring that the software operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

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